PRO 9:1 Slackline Pulley System

The PRO 9:1 pulley system is the powerhorse of our PRO series. It is the most efficient slackline pulley system out there. You can multiply it to a mechanical advantage of 45:1 - tensioning longlines has never been that easy before.

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PRO 9:1 Slackline Pulley System
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PRO 9:1 Slackline Pulley System
PRO 9:1 Slackline Pulley System

In stock


Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost

    Because you don't want 5 guys to pull for your longline.
    Because you want to have fun on the line - not rigging it.
    Because you don't want to carry heavy gear to your slackspot.

    Our PRO 9:1 pulley system is the best longline pulley system on this planet. It combines:

    • The patented PRO 9:1 Pulley System
    • Extremely strong but lightweight pulley rope with Dyneema core and Kevlar cover
    • Our Power Pulley multiplier
    • The awesome Rope Grabber and
    • Shackle adapters
    • Ultralightweight Dyneema Whoopie Slings. Of course our innovative
    • TreePRO is included too. What else would you want to tension your longlines?

    Do you need any special configuration you can't find here? Longer? Different rope? Different whoopies? Check our PRO Longline Set Configurator or drop us an email: - we will do our best to make you absolutely happy.

    PRO slackline pulley system

    PRO 9:1 Pulley System

    We know you want to have fun on the line but not rigging it. The patented design of the PRO 9:1 slackline pulley system makes it the most efficient tensioning system ever seen in slacklining. The integrated zero friction brake and the built-in industry standard ball bearings allow tensioning longlines of more than 100 m with 1 person in less than 5 minutes. The times when 5 guys had to pull and sweat for 30 minutes to tension one line are over now. The direct X-Link attachment for dyneema anchor slings saves lots of weight in your backpack. No more heavy shackles, no more parts to lose, no more frickling it all together. Even a backup pin for the rope is included. It is all in one. And it works gorgeous. 

    Pulley Rope

    The pulley system includes some very lightweight but robust 6mm rope with dyneema core and Kevlar cover. This rope is so strong and abrasion resistant, it will most propably outlast your entire slacklife.

    Concerning rope length: 40m of rope is enough to tension 100m of low stretch webbing like Parsec or 40m of high stretch webbing like MOTM in a flat park for a high tension line. 60m of rope equals 150m / 60m, 80m of rope equals 200m / 80m, If you prefer saggy lines, you might need less rope. Of course the rope comes preinstalled, so you don't have to hassle around with assembling, knots and so on. You're ready to go slacklining!

    P.S.: the rope color may vary depending on availability.

    Gleistein RunnerTwin 6mm TEC
    raed PRO slackline Pulley System Multiplier

    Power Pulley Multiplier

    The integrated Power Pulley and the double multiplier pulley with prusik cord give you additional strength of 5 strong men for your longest projects. It increases the strength of the base pulley system from 9:1 to 27:1 or even 45:1!

    Dyneema Whoopie Slings

    Our Slackline Anchor Whoopie Sling is very lightweight but extremely strong. You can easily adjust it from 0.5m to 3.30m so it fits for any slackspot you could imagine. If you need a special length please contact us, we will produce any length you like! Its minimum breaking strength is 75 kN when used around a tree (U-shape) and 38 kN when used straight (e.g. in a highline anchor - use three of them here for load balancing and redundancy). It weighs about 140 g - this is so lightweight, you will never want to carry your old and heavy industry slings to your slackspot again. It obviously packs very small too, so you propably won't need a huge backpack for your gear anymore. Despite their low weight and small packing these Dyneema slings are very resistant to abrasion and cuts. You will lave long enduring fun using them. Get them, love them.

    PRO Slackline Dyneema Whoopie Sling
    treepro slackline treeprotection


    From the inventors of the world's most advanced slackline pulley system comes the best slackline tree protection any park ranger could imagine. The innovative design with integrated load-distributors made of carbon fibre allow you to slack on any tree as long as its diameter is big enough. But even more: It allows you to use any kind of anchor sling you like. You want to use that ultra lightweight dyneema slings? Good to go: TreePRO's TreeSHIELD technology allows you to use them on trees because it distributes the load even of the thinnest anchor slings to a maximum area at the tree. This effectively prevents tree damage as never seen before. TreePRO is made of extremely robust Cordura 1000 den Nylon and carbon fibre load distributors.

    Rope Grabber

    The patented Rope Grabber is an awesome piece of gear. It lets you grab any thin rope to pull it as hard as you can. But it's not like ascenders you might know from climbing. It has no movable parts so nothing can break. It weights only 52 grams. And it is extremely easy to use. If you used it once you will never want to miss it again - promised!

    Rope Grabber
    PRO Slackline pulley system shackle adapter

    Shackle Adapter

    You want to use your old'n'heavy spansets with shackles and all that stuff? Good to go! Use the included shackle adapters to attach our PRO Gear to any shackle you want. Of course the adapters are made from ROCsolid steel too so they are nearly indestructable.


    The PRO pulley system has a strong QuickLock PushPin at the front with lots of space around it. This QuickLock PushPin can be used to attach anything you like. A LineGrip, a different weblock, whatever you can imagine.

    PRO slackline pulley system connected to LineGrip and weblock
    PRO Slackline pulley system with attached weblock

    Optional: PRO Weblock

    You want the best pulley system, why would you want anything else than the best weblock being attached to it? Exactly. The raed PRO weblock is the perfect companion for your tensioning system. It's very easy to handle and pretension, lightweight thanks to its Frame Tec sidewalls and Hollow Tec Divider and very strong because it's made of ROC Solid steel. This is the right choice!


    Taking your pulley system out of your slackline rig is a great thing. The slackline rig not only becomes lightweight and easier to walk, this method protects your pulley rope from damaging peak loads while bouncing and you can also use the pulleys for other rigs. So you won't need a pulley system for every line. If you don't want to use a LineGrip® for softpointing your lines, you can use the PRO rigging plate. It is made of 2 ROCsolid steel plates for strength and redundancy. The front hole is designed to fit the PushPin of your weblock. And the rear connectors are versatile for all kinds of connectors - pushpins, shackles, whatever. Click the video to see how it works.

    100% engineered and made in Germany

    Please make sure to read and understand the MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS PDF before using the raed slacklines PRO longline set.

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    BLNC 5:1

    starts €199
    • 5x mech. advantage
    • 25x with PRO multiplier
    • 5mm rope w/ DURA cover
    • shackle connector anchor
    • shackle connector front
    • 7 kN WLL
    • 807 g incl. 10m rope
    • Highline, low tension Longline
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    PRO 5:1

    starts €389
    • 5x mech. advantage
    • 25x with PRO multiplier
    • 5mm rope w/ DURA cover
    • X-Link connector anchor
    • PushPin connector front
    • 7 kN WLL
    • 937 g incl. 20m rope
    • ultralight low tension Longline
    • incl. RopeGrabber
    • incl. Anchor Whoopie
    • incl. TreePRO

    BLNC 9:1

    starts €279
    • 9x mech. advantage
    • 45x with PRO multiplier
    • 6mm PET rope w/ DURA cover
    • shackle connector anchor
    • shackle connector front
    • 10 kN WLL
    • 2252 g incl. 40m rope
    • high tension Longline
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    • -
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