Whoopies on Trees as Slackline Anchors? Well, you might want to read this... Today I had an interesting experience: I've been to Berlin's Tiergarten to take some photos of our new 5:1 pulley system and of course to session a bit on the Rainbow line too. Tiergarten is one of the most central and propably most policed parks in Berlin. Chancellor Angela Merkel's office is less than 500m away, you can see her balcony from the place where I rigged my line. The castle of Germany's president is in about 600m distance. So you might be right, if you assume a very high police presence and a strong presence of park rangers taking care of the order in that park. I've rigged my 40m longline many times in the park and sometimes the rangers came along and talked to me about it. The same happened today: It took about 20 minutes until they appeared in their park ranger car and checked, what I was doing there. He got out of the car, introduced himself and talked to me: "Well, here we have a slackline, right? Let's see if you have good tree protection, otherwise we have to ask you to leave!" He went over to my anchor and checked the 6mm dyneema whoopie and the TreePRO I used. "Hmm, that's interesting. Usually we have guys with some thin towels, we regularly have to make them derig their lines. But this... This is really good." He asked a colleague to come over and check it. They looked at it and I handed them one of the TreePROs I had in my backpack. "You have some stiff reinforcement in this?" he asked. "Yes, we made them especially for the use with these thin ropes, to spread the load to a wider area" - "Well, that's the best protection of a tree I've ever seen in a slackline. If you ever have any trouble in this park by one of my colleagues, just tell them my name (he repeated his name to me) and that I checked this. I see no reason to make you derig. This is really sophisticated." - Yes, he really said this. What I learned afterwards: He's the second chief of the park rangers for this area in Berlin. And he likes whoopies on trees with the raed TreePRO. If you told me that story yesterday, I would have laughed. But this really happened to me today. Happy slackline face for me now :) whoopie as a slackline anchor on a tree with tree protection