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The New Way to balance.perfection.adventure.

raed slackines: That’s two guys living in the north of Germany at the coast of the Baltic Sea. We came across the wonderful sport of highlining about two years ago and we instantly realized that equipment for this sport was both expensive and cobbled together. And although we were extremely unsatisfied with the available products we tried more than one item of several manufacturers. However, we still couldn’t find satisfaction. And while we were more and more into longlining we decided to develop our own gear because we wanted good and effordable hardware. And we were successful. We were very pleased with our own hardware. Made for slacklining only and exclusively. So were our friends who asked us to build more of that hardware for them. We were thrilled by that much positive feedback. Eventually we decided that it was about time to offer equipment that’s not only good value for money but purpose built for rigging longlines and highlines to everybody. So we created radical red slacklines. To share our passion and to invite you to join us.

Who We Are

Stephan is the the drive and soul of raed slacklines. An entrepreneur who’s 100% behind his idea, restless and perfectionistic. Since his early childhood he’s fond of plenty of sports. Especially if they can be practiced outdoors. Michael is the technician behind read slacklines. A degree in engineering and several years of working as an equipment engineer enable him to improve technology and create solutions that perfectly suit the purpose. And he as well fancies nature and sports since many years.

Our History